Lough Derg has an excellent population of fish. Many trout, perch, bream, roach and  some other whitefish are there. If you are lucky and skilled you can catch one of the rare Ferox trout. Majestic exemplares can be up to 30 pounds. If you get a ferox on your hook, that will be the drill of your life and you will never forget that. 

But one of the main attractions in the lake is the pike, with an excellent and health population, related to catch and release, there are 30 to 40 pounders waiting for you to have the "catch of your lifetime". 

Relating to the perfect irish weather and climate and also to the irish fishing regulation, you can fish the whole year for pike and perch.

You can choose from a wide range of catching methods and different tackle to arrange your individual and perfect fishing trip.

From Trolling to spinning or death baiting to fly fishing, but there are many more ways for you to catch the big ones.

If you come over and for any reason you cant bring your own tackle you have the opportunity to rent your fishing gear directly from us.​

Every year we have the "European Pike Challenge. But the main attraction is the yearly "Predator Battle Ireland" which is held every September.

You can start as a Team and show the fishing world "what you got" to earn one of the big prices. The first price for the event is an AlumaCraft Fishing boat with 50HP Suzuki outboarder, leather seats, rod holder and lots of space for your staff, including an boat trailer. 

For sure you can book the boats with us for the competition and reach out for information.

You are ready now for exploring the lake on your own. You can also book an guiding with Patrick. This is an exciting experience that creates an unique and unforgettable ​moment with great catches. Patrick shows you the best places and give you the right clues.

If you need a  accommodation or for any other inquires we are here to help to create your perfect fishing trip.

Your team from Shannon boat hire


Patrick and  Bianca

Sun set in our office
Sun set in our office
Pike fishing
Pike fishing