About us


a passionate fisherman from Bavaria started fishing when he was at the very young age of 7. Moved to Ireland to live his dream.

Now he is the owner of Shannon Boat Hire in Killaloe, your place to start  an exciting experience on Lough Derg and the River Shannon. 

He will be your guide for an exciting fishing day and also for  the best tips to discover the lake on your own, your boat driving instructor and your point of contact. He also take care of our kids workshops "A little fishermen world".

His favorite fish is pike and Lough Derg as plenty of it.


followed her hubby to live where she likes the most. And since then she pulls the strings in the background and will be your point of contact to manage all your enquiries about the Boat hire and the workshops. 

She is also a passionate fisher (wo)man and started fishing five years ago.She also takes care of the kids workshops and give Patrick a hand whenever she can.


Her favorite fish is the trout and they are one of the main fish in the Lough Derg.